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Anonymous asked:

1, 3 questions

1.uhm I like both ..I can not say I like more Dylan than Cole. I liked Dylan more when I was younger because I liked His Charakter “Zack” more ..but now I like both Cole is really really damn nice and Dylan I like and will like always both



1.Dylan or cole ?? And Why ??
2.Zashley or Zaya ??
3.cailey or zaya ??
4. What do U wish for them ??
5. Did U ever met them ??
6.Describe them in 3 words ??
7.what do Uthink about their future ??
8. Did U ever get noticed by the twins ?
9.Did u cry when they quit acting ??
10.why did U loved them ??
11. Do U imagine that U will quit to be a sprouser ??
12.what is Ur best picture of cole ??
13.what is Ur best picture of dylan?
14. Brenda song Or matttimmons ??
15. Kim rhodes Or Phill lewis ??

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