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@debbyryan: old friend @olekingcolesprouse explains pugilist fighter techniques to our server, Kevin. Kevin is not impressed.


@camera_duels: “I just don’t wanna be in the picture” she said, saddened by the fact that she was now collateral damage. Vengeance was the only thing on my mind, the lady’s honor depended on it. I was in no mood for photos…I had a different kind of ammo for this. Sometimes a duel asks for a new kind of approach, and so a video was appropriate. The poor duelist signaled game on by screaming a whisper into her companion’s face. This was shortly followed by a giggle, one that was enough to make a hyena jealous. The male companion grabbed his floppy hat and smiled nervously. This is when she fired the first couple shots. Thankfully (and “unfortunately” if we’re being politically correct) the crowded subway goers took the shots for me. Necessary casualties. Now is when the video began, panic already sewn through the entire car with multiple people’s photos already taken. Let the duelists’ final expressions tell you who won. #cameraduels #SubwayShowdown #streetfighter #video #ManyFramesOfShame


Also, I started another Instagram account: @sprousemasterworks Lets just say it’s dedicated to the drawn art pieces from the sprouse fanbase. If you like camera_duels, you’ll enjoy it. Or maybe you won’t, either way #IWillStillSleepAtNight #TLDR

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